My Light Magazine
The Catholic Magazine for Children

MISSION STATEMENT:  My Light is a Catholic magazine dedicated to helping Christian children nurture a deeper relationship with God by helping them to understand their faith.  We wish to help them know God--not just to know about Him, but to know Him spiritually.  Many of our children know about God, but don't have that deeper connection with Him.  We aim to be an enlightened path from our children to God Himself.  With the help of our generous and creative writers and illustrators, we can show children how wonderful a real relationship with God can be.

My Light Catholic Children's Magazine features stories, articles, Bible stories retold, crafts, and poems to both entertain and educate children, and bring them closer to their Church and their faith.



Should feature well-developed characters with a challenge to face or a problem to solve.  Stories should portray good Christian values: love for our friends as well as our enemies; respect for parents, elders, and authority; choosing moral paths; etc.  Please abide length requirements for stories, Bible stories retold, and articles, appearing below.

Length requirements for stories, Bible stories retold, and articles:

For ages 4 - 6:   300 - 400 words

For ages 7 - 9:   400 - 600 words

For ages 10 - 12:  600 - 900 words

Please be aware that all submissions to My Light Catholic Children's Magazine are subject to editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, length, and content.

Should be faith-based in nature, and easy to do.  When submitting craft ideas, please also include 2 - 3 pictures showing various stages of completion, as well as one of the finished project, and specify the appropriate age group for your craft idea.  Simpler craft projects intended for readers aged 4 - 8 should not include instructions more than 350 words in length.  For more complicated projects geared toward readers aged 9 - 12, keep lengths under 500 words.

Should be faith-based, and centered on a religious figure, theme, or concept.  They may be up to fifteen lines in length.

Bible stories retold should remain faithful to the original stories, and be doctrinally sound.  Please cite the version you are using.  Please abide length requirements appearing above, and with regard to the age group of the intended reader.  Bible stories should be appropriate for children aged 4 - 12, and not include excessive violence.

You need not include the section comprising vital statistics for the saint: year of birth and death, when canonized and by whom, that saint's prayer, that saint's areas of patronage, etc.  This section is built by staff once a bio on that saint has been submitted and approved for publication.  With ALL saints' bios, query  first!  You must query first to make sure that saint's bio is available.  If it is, you will be notified, and that saint will be locked in for you.  This is to insure we do not end up with duplicate saint bios.  In the event a saint has been locked in for a particular contributor but an accurate, professionally written, and publishable bio has not been submitted, any contributor who previously inquired about that saint will be notified and given the opportunity to 'take a crack at it.'

Where to send submissions:  

Poetry, Activities, Crafts: Becky Newell Lipscomb

Saint Submissions: Patricia Moore

Stories and Articles: Editor Jennifer Gladen