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One day, Jesus set out to teach the crowd about the Kingdom of God. As He sat by the sea, a crowd formed. It was such a large crowd, that Jesus got into a boat as the crowd stood all along the shore. When everyone could see and hear Him, Jesus began to teach. “A farmer went outside to plant some seeds on his farm. He tossed the seeds along the ground. As he tossed them, or sowed the seeds, some fell on a path. The birds saw this and landed on the path.

They stopped and ate up all the seeds. Some seeds landed on rough, rocky soil. The seeds began to grow quickly because there wasn’t much dirt. However, when the sun shone brightly on the plant, the plant withered and died because the roots could not grow far into the ground. Some seeds landed in the weeds and thorns. The weeds grew quickly. Soon they overpowered the seeds and choked them before they could grow.. Finally, some seeds fell on rich soil. There were no weeds, thorns, rocks or birds. The seeds grew into many crops because the soil was good and healthy for the plants.”