My Light Magazine
The Catholic Magazine for Children

Thank you for wanting to send your child’s writing and artwork to My Light Magazine. These guidelines, especially the ones pertaining to privacy issues, are in place so that My Light Magazine is in compliance with the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) rules, but also because My Light cares about the protection of children.  

My Light Magazine is currently a non-paying market.  We look forward to sharing your work.  Depending on the amount of submissions we receive, we may not be able to publish everything sent in to us.  Follow these guidelines for the best possible chance of seeing your child’s work in My Light Magazine.

Every author under thirteen (13) must have parents' permission for us to use the work.  In addition, submissions must come from the parent/guardian’s email address.  Submissions from a child’s personal email address will not be accepted.  We will send a form for an electronic signature from the parent if My Light chooses to publish a child’s submission.

Work credited to children under thirteen (13) will feature a byline including the child’s first name, last initial, and state.  Due to internet safety concerns, we hesitate to publish any more identifying information.

My Light accepts Catholic short stories, poems, and prayers from children.  Stories should be no more than 300-400 words in length.  Poems and prayers may go up to 12 lines.  

My Light loves to see our readers' beautiful artwork.  All artwork submitted must be related to the Catholic faith in some way.  This could be pictures of Saints, Mary, Jesus, buildings from Jesus’ time, any of God’s creation, drawings of us being kind to our friends and neighbors, etc.  Encourage children to use their imagination.  No personal photos of children will be accepted.